Evaluation Of A Short Literature Review

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A short literature review is included in the background section of the article, and it is relevant to the study. It provides information about the expenses related to readmission and the need of developing the interventions to reduce readmission rates. Poor communication, gaps in follow-up care, discharging patients with pending tests results, and inadequate patient education and discharge instructions have impacted the readmission rate. However, the authors of the article did not include any information about previous studies regarding the benefits of the NP’s involvement in patient care.
The primary sources of information were mostly used in the literature review. The authors used results from the cohort study done by Forster, Murff, Peterson, Gandhi, and Bates which was published in 2003 about a patient’s adverse event after discharge. Roy et al. (2005) presented a cross sectional study about the downfalls of discharging patients with pending tests results. Another primary source of information is the results of a randomized control study conducted by Balaban, Weissman, Samuel, and Woolhander (2008) which involved the discharge process. Finally, a randomized controlled pilot study conducted by Koehler, Richter, and Masica (2009) also concentrated on the effective method of discharge called the ”supplemental care bundle”.

The articles does not include recent publications in the literature review range from 2003 to 2009. In a various sections of the

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