The Impact Of Technology On The Work Environment Essay

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I. Introduction
Over the last few decades technology brought us a lot of changes, affecting all aspect of our lives. As a developing country, the impact of technology on the work environment is particularly significant in China. This is not to say that China is a special case, and maybe it is a very long process but be shortened to few decades in china, so that I chose China as an example to study. This article focuses on what are the positive impacts that work environment changed by technology. We will discuss it from three parts, the nature of work, motivation, and innovation.
II. Changes in the nature of work
The view of the post-industrial work which emerged in the 1980s thought that the information revolution is another fundamental transformation in work as the industrial revolution. (Bratton, 2015) In 1978, China decided to carry out economic reforms and it means china at the beginning of the information revolution. With the improvement of technology and the establishment of market economic system, transportation and communication costs are reduced and the range of people 's activities is wider, thus more people leave factories and build more social relation with different groups and organizations. After 21st century, we have entered the network society. The developments of smart devices bring huge change to us, which continuously blurring the line between work life and personal life. While people are unconscious, the work has been changed by the smart devices, such as…

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