The Impact Of Sustainability On The Environment

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Sustainability is an important issue with regards to minimizing environmental impact. Large corporations are under a great deal a political and public pressure to practice sustainable business methods that reduce their environmental impact. The article Sustainability Management and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises sheds light on the over looked small to medium size companies in Germany and their lack to implement methods that achieve sustainability. The goal of the article is to raise awareness within these mid-range enterprises on how much of an ecological footprint they leave on the environment and propose adjustments to establish sustainability within this region. Sustainability was presented early in the semester as a foundation for understanding the impacts humans have on the environment. Sustainability is defined as the capacity of the earth’s natural systems …show more content…
There are three scientific principles of sustainability; Solar energy, Biodiversity, and chemical cycling. Dependence on solar energy is key because the sun provides warmth and fuels photosynthesis that provides oxygen for our planet. Biodiversity is important because supporting variety and adaptability of natural systems and species limits threats and extinctions to occur in ecosystems. Chemical cycling is the flow of elements between the environment to organisms and then back into the environment. To implement sustainably, countries need to live off the earth’s natural income without depleting or degrading the natural capital that supplies it for the conservation of future use. Proposals to enhance sustainability are include harmful environmental costs in the price of goods, regulate where businesses obtain their resources, and raise enterprises awareness of practicing sustainability within their work place. This article focuses on the polices that small to medium size enterprises in Germany implement that harmfully affect sustainability. The article then elaborates on

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