Green Human Resources Management And Human Resource Management Practices

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Integration of Organizational management with human resource management practices has become necessary these days. Such effort is known as the Green HRM initiatives. Green HRM has resulted from the detailed analysis of companies, areas involved in practices and plans related to the protection of environment and thereby maintaining ecological balance. It means using employee interface in such a manner to promote and maintain sustainable business practices which would help the organizations to operate in an environmentally sustainable fashion. Hence, Green
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The kinds of action taken to implement green HRM practices include knowledge about climate change, training methods, importance of sustainable development and thereby auditing of employee benefits to eliminate those activities that are not environmental friendly thereby promoting green HRM and preservation of the knowledge of capital, as HR plays an important role in making environmental responsibility a part of corporate mission statement. Green HRM is being considered as a holistic view to promote as well as align personal objectives with the company’s environmental strategy. The level of implementation of Green HRM initiatives further depends on the economic growth and the stage of economic growth. Green HR policies focus on collective and individual capabilities to bring about green behaviour. Such policies aim at developing an environmental corporate culture. Therefore this “Green Behaviour” can be practiced both in professional as well as working life. Green HRM focuses on employee’s environmental behaviour in the company, which in turn employees can carry on such pattern of consumption in personal …show more content…
Specific HR policies, philosophies that support or bring about change in environmental issues.
5. How to maintain eco-friendly and sustainability in an organisation along with the other objectives of the organization. GRAPHICAL LINKAGE BETWEEN WORKING AND HORIZONTAL LIFE

Green HRM is the use of HRM policies to promote the sustainable use of Human as well as Capital resources in an optimised manner in a country like India which is at its developing stage. Green HRM is increasing as a result of mounting concern over Global warming and the adverse impact of much business activity on the natural environment. Becoming a Green employer may produce HR benefits, such as:- 1. It would result in improved work status. 2. Increased staff motivation and its involvement. 3. Reduction in labour turnover. 4. Increased workforce mortality and ethical behaviour over ecological issues.
5. Creating new brand of ecological entrepreneurs.
6. It promotes ecological balance and promotes environmental sustainability.
7. It helps in improving employee morality and loyalty towards the organisation.

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