SWOT Analysis: Relation Building Marketing As A Tool

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Relation building Marketing as a tool
Current era has observed that prevailing macro environmental indicators would only allow those firms that would pursue sustainable strategies, by realizing their responsibility towards all stakeholders as well as society. Firstly, customer relation building became popular, but now, it is inevitable for firms to build strong relations with all stakeholders including customers, suppliers, competitors, government and regulatory authorities, press media and local society (Hollensen, 2015). Taking the example of Heller, it is clear from the study that how by taking active part in community work, and realizing corporate social responsibility, firm has gained competitive edge upon rivals. Sausage for school campaign has proved to be a huge success. It has played huge role in brand building
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However, before doing this, a detailed analysis of internal and external environment is required by assessing the organizational strengths that would be leveraged to capitalize over the opportunities and weaknesses that could be vulnerable towards probable threats imposed by macro-environment. For instance, on the basis of available information, a brief SWOT analysis of Hellers company is given below:
Hellers competitive edge lies in its core competencies. Its premium quality has won the hearts of customers. Moreover, firm has attained a very strong position in market and has been acting as market leader, which is very hard to compete. Company has rebuilt its brand and its newly built strong brand name is it’s another strength (South, 2011).
Initially, the firm’s communication strategy was weak, due to which customers were not fully aware of premium quality being offered by firm. However, upon recommendation of Simpatico, company has overcome its weakness to a great extent by running different marketing campaigns.

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