The Role Of Government's Role In The Future Of Sustainable Development

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Sustainability is an extremely complicated idea that is ever evolving. According to the United Nations’ Bruntland commission, “sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. ” In an effort to help move society toward a more sustainable future, various governments throughout the world are leading a revolution amongst concerned citizens, concerned organizations and even amongst concerned private companies. Government has a valuable role to play is the future of a sustainable planet and in truth has always had a role to play in sustainability. Looking at the key functions of government, it becomes easy to pinpoint those areas where government …show more content…
Similar to other issues that the government is attempting to identify as policy issues and push for solutions, government’s role is typically best set at writing rules and then looking for private industry and citizens to find the most efficient way to operate within the government imposed rules and regulations looking to find the best possible solution for consumers. Capitalism works best when all players in the free market operate under the same rules and yet compete for resources and compete for demand by consumers. Those companies or individuals that best meet the needs of consumers through prudent and proper supply of solutions within the constraints imposed by legislative and administrative rules and regulations will be the companies that succeed and prosper. Capitalism’s supply and demand laws have proven time and again to be the most efficient way to move society forward and this is no different as the government continues to pass rules and regulations concerning all manner of sustainable development. Government’s role is to set the rules through income redistribution – typically taxes - and resource allocation. The private sector’s role is to meet the needs of consumers operating within the rules laid down by

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