The Impact Of Social Media Relationships

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Developing a relationship with the person of your dreams is supposed to be an exciting time. Like most situations, problems will occur and the couple will be faced with a dilemma; work through the problems or not. Directing attention to significant issues related to couples, these issues could be minor such as taking out the trash or substantial such as an affair. This assignment is aimed to have the student chose a specific issue associated with couples. As a growing issue and relevant topic, social media has begun to effect couples.
Literature review
Social media and couples In my opinion, social media can be viewed as the primary source to remain updated on the latest or breaking news in society, promote businesses, or virtually express
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They found that the data was consistent with the hypothesis. Rather than self-presentation being effected by Facebook, self-presentation on Facebook effects relationship commitment among college-aged couples. In fact, there was a 50% increase in reference to the odds of the couple staying together after six months (Toma & Choi, 2015). In contrast, Facebook is being used on a daily therefore discussions between partners regarding Facebook usage and items on his or her profile may be leading to conflict (Papp et al). Relationships have been positively and negatively effected because of the discussions between partners of how one another have displayed their relationship on their Facebook profile (Papp, Danielewicz, & Cayemberg, 2012). Positive Effects There are some positive aspects that can come out of the usage and frequency of social media in couples. By using social media, a couple can promote a healthy relationship. Couples are able to voluntarily invite their friends list to view a highlight of their enjoyable moments. For example, birthday celebrations, engagements, weddings, and the birth of children are all enjoyable moments. In my opinion, SNS has the ability to provide encouragement for all of its viewers.
One of the most positive effects, from my viewpoint, is the idea of social media being convenient to any person at any time of the day. It is convenient simply because social media can be seen or used anywhere; such as on a television, computer, or

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