The Impact Of Social Media On Youth And Youth Culture Essay

1771 Words Mar 13th, 2016 8 Pages
As the age of paperbacks and landline phone dies out, the internet—more specially social media--is having a more prominent role in society and this raises the issue of what kind of impact this will have in the future. The fear of around new technology is not a recent phenomenon as showcased with the invention of the telephone and television, however the speed in which social media is taking over is happening at a speed that is not equal to any of its predecessors. As a result, the internet is causing many problems that can serious reparations for society in which society and the culture around it are struggling to keep up with. While culture is never static but rather always changing, social media has instigated a change that happened so recent and is evolving every day that it is difficult to understand all of the concerns that are able to come from it. The demographic that is receiving the majority of the unprecedented impact that social media brings are youth and youth culture. Social media has resulted in serious negative impacts for youth which has created a demographic who consequently possess a higher level of harmful long-lasting effects. Since the rate in which social media is changing happening at an incredible speed and is at a clash with the culture practices in place and subsequently cultural practices always seem to be one step behind, having to continually evolve to accommodate with the changes. For starters, one of the harmful consequences that have…

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