The Impact Of Social Media On Travel Research And The Gathering Of Ideas

731 Words Oct 30th, 2014 3 Pages
Social media has transformed countless aspects of today’s world. In the matter of minutes people have the ability to easily select where they want to go, how they want to get there, where to stay and what they wish to do upon arrival, and all with a simple click of a button. Numerous industries, in addition to the travel industry, are struggling due to the evolution of social media sites including Facebook, Pinterest, Yelp and many more are amongst those being afflicted. Corporations are realizing now that the demand for “in office” agents are (minimal)(insignificant)(declining). Online travel agents (OTA) are one example of how powerful and influential the internet can be. OTA’s have affected an entire industry and in doing so has taken many jobs away from people. The amount of travel research and planning done while on the internet shows how present social media is in our society. I will discuss the impact of social media on travel research and the gathering of ideas, also the internet 's impact on the booking side of travel. Pinterest for many is a visual dreamland; in fact it has over 7 million users. Most users spend the day “pinning” their ideal destinations, activities and food. This website has become a main influencer on where people wish to travel, “users have created 2 million unique places boards” (Smith). Someone see’s a beautiful picture of a beach off the coast of Australia which would then cause their next vacation to be booked for…

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