The Smokeless Industry

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It is undeniable that Tourism and Hospitality, which is known as the smokeless industry, is a growing field. A lot of people probably assume that Tourism and Hospitality is just about traveling, however, the field continues to grow beyond travel into a dynamic, continuously-expanding and developing phenomenon. In addition, a large number of colleges, universities, and businesses now offer Tourism programs. Tourism as a subject is becoming more and more popular around the world. There are several convincing reasons that people should choose to study Hospitality and Tourism.
Tourism is a dynamic industry, and it exerts a strong influence on the society. Over a billion people around the world travel every year. Internationally, this industry supports
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There are three reasons why studying this course is beneficial for one’s career. Firstly, the upside of studying Tourism are not only for organizations but also job seekers. Tourism and Hospitality offers people amazing job opportunities in local, regional, national and international tourism businesses. It is a diverse industry which brings about different kinds of work. For example, management of accommodation facilities such as hotels and resorts offer people work in a variety of fields, such as: Food and Beverage, Marketing and Sales, Tour and Travel Agencies, Events, Weddings Banquet Management and so on. It is clearly seen that the potential of employment in the Hospitality and Tourism sector by studying the ideal yearly salary estimated in top international …show more content…
Tourism requires all three critical management skills: technical, human and conceptual. These management skills are absolutely indispensable to all fields of management. Tourism management consists of coordinating and overseeing all activities that are connected to the Tourism and Hospitality industries. From that, we can explore how a multidisciplinary field provides satisfactory products and services to its customers, and how, with adequate training, workers will serve the customers with passion, and immerse themselves in their job without any hesitation. Sales management is the process of expanding a sales force, synchronizing sales operations and excecuting sales techniques which allow a business to steadily reach and undergo its sales goals and

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