Essay on The Impact Of Social Media On The Customer Service Industry

800 Words Nov 2nd, 2015 4 Pages
“While the times have changed and business has become more efficient and optimized, a decade later we all have a different perspective of what it means to be a service leader but remain aware of how important an interaction with a customer can be (Wolcott).” Customer service is an always-changing industry but the main objective stays the same. Technology plays a major role in the customer service industry. Before social media became a big part of customer’s lives the customer service industry was your basic call center with representatives giving help or addressing issues. Now with social media and an advance in technology the industry has evolved into more then the basic call center. Social media now gives customers a public way to express how they feel about certain companies in a very detailed way. Other customers can see these forums and add comments; this can be both good and bad for companies. Customer service departments have to find a way to go from the basic call center type of industry to the type that will respond to these forums on social media and make sure their business is respected. This can be a hard task depending on the type of comments and takes skill to be able to work in this field (Fallon). In the past, "If a customer had a problem with a product or company, there wasn 't much they could do about it," said Robert Johnson, president and CEO of customer service software company TeamSupport. "Today, of course, social media and product review sites mean…

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