The Impact Of Social Media On The Media Essay

760 Words Nov 13th, 2015 4 Pages
On Wednesday, November 11, 2015, I, Anna R. Morrison, was leading my afternoon class, Capstone. Their final assignment was to give a group presentation on the impact of social media. The presentations began around 1:30; each group presenting on the meaning of social media. The presentations were going great as the students had worked very hard with the topic at hand. It was in the second hour of presentations that the reason for this letter presents itself.

Mr. Kyle Clevenger, Sophie Sorenson, and Steven Lyons got up in front of the class to present their information. They did a great job other than, per the assignment, provided more opinions than expert information to back their personal claims. Despite that, they did a great job. The presentation was over and the floor was open for questions.

Before I go on, I must preface this next part with what happened in a previous presentation. Mr. Michael Gavarrete and his group had given a presentation prior to Mr. Kyle’s group and asked a very specific question to the audience that evoked a thoughtful evaluation of oneself regarding their use of social media. When it came time for questions for this new group, Mr. Michael asked a question specifically to Mr. Kyle and it was the exact same question he asked earlier to the entire class. The majority of Kyle’s presentation he presented opinion and not fact. To make sure he understood the question correctly, Kyle asked Michael to clarify his question. When Michael came…

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