The Impact Of Smartphones And Social Media

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How can we keep up with a world that is constantly progressing? With technology progressing at lightening speed, it seems like we will never get enough. It is very interesting how much technology is used in our every day lives, but what makes us use it? Smartphones have changed the way we participate in every day life through applications such as dating apps or apps that give you the answers to math equations. Social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have replaced our physical communities with a virtual one. It is evident that through these outlets, technology has opened up a whole new world where things are done for us. The question here is: why is that?
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Prior to the Internet’s take over, music was the way to show others who you were. With their vibrant colours, and various forms, it allows you to let others into your life – through the music you listen to. This is where profiling and expressing yourself began. The type of music you listened to and what kind of artists you liked defined you, and this was a simple way to show friends what you loved at the moment. Apple iPods were quickly transformed into products that not only held more music, but more movies, TV shows, games, and even books. This is how the iPhone and Smartphone and social media phenomena came to be. Revenue in Apple iPods increased by 305% from $5.3 billion in 2011 to 13.9 in 2005, when internet capabilities were added with iTunes. (MBA Knowledge Base, 2005) This was more than anticipated and allowed Apple to take it further with “Apps” showing us a whole new world to technology and …show more content…
With media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube we not only find that – but much more. Facebook has become a place where you can keep up to date with people you know, people you don’t know and old friends. Like the Apple iPods, you can also share your opinions, likes/dislikes as well as express yourself on a profile about yourself. Facebook alone has 1.35 billion active users, 4.5 billion “likes”, and 864 million log ins a day. (Zephoria, 2014) This proves how many people are dedicating their lives to creating an online footprint – one that cannot be ignored. Next, Twitter harbours the ability to share anything that is on your mind within second. Its primary appeal is that you can say what you want when you want (within a 140 character limit), with the help of a smart phone. According to the Official Twitter page, there are 284 million users; 500 million tweets per day and 80% of users connect through a mobile device. Twitter is also used by celebrities, which allows anyone to connect with them and stay up to date if they so wish. The issue with this is that it creates a false sense of importance, where “Followers” and attention is constantly strived for – just like the celebrities have. Anyone can create a profile that is better than the “true

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