The Impact Of Music On The Brain

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Does playing a instrument affect intelligence one poses an Annotated Bibliography

Bower, Bruce. "Harvard Gazette: Music on the Brain." Harvard Gazette: Music on the Brain. Science News, n.d. Web. 24 Nov. 2015. . The article reports that learning to play a musical instrument, may indeed give children an intellectual edge over their peers. Six-year- olds who took weekly piano lessons throughout the school year showed an average increase in IQ says psychologist E. Glenn Schellenberg of the University of Toronto at Mississauga. After the children completed the lessons, the children 's scores on a standard academic test reflected a musically inspired advantage. I found this article very helpful for my research project because it talks about how music really does affect the intelligence one posses. Also how children especially benefit from learning a instrument.In this article I believe I could use the the entire article and not just parts of it proving
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Music is important to children because it helps their brain function. Since now a days, many children don 't do very stimulating activities. Music is a fun way to introduce healthy brain development. On top of that it talks about how the budget cuts in arts has impacted children and their grades. With less funding for the arts children’s grades have been on a decline because there 's no way for them to release their energy in a positive way. In addition to changing the way their brains develop. This article has benefited my research project because it talks about how just with budget cuts allowing less time for students to learn music has taken a negative toll on their grades even in such a short time of the issue arising. Proving that music does stimulate the brain in a positive way, helping with brain activity in return translating into intelligence or brain

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