Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: The Mozart's Effect Of The Mozart Effect

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Most people know Mozart as a great composer, who was involved with music from a very young age. Not only was he able to compose and play music at a very young age, his music was well-known and people asked him to compose pieces for specific events. His music was special and left people wanting to hear more. Throughout his short lifetime, he was able to compose a multitude of magnificent pieces that are still in use today. Not only is his music still in use today, but it also has a special effect on people who listen to it. This is commonly referred to as the “Mozart Effect”.
To start off, who was Mozart? Mozart’s full name was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, born in Salzburg in 1756 and died 35 years later. He lived during the Classical Era and
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One type of music can make a person feel happy and excited, while to another person it makes them want to sleep. It is interesting how the brain interrupts music and how it affects us. This goes along with how Mozart music affects the brain. It has once thought that the “good mood” set by Mozart music was what affected people and made them have better spatial reasoning. But that is not the case any more. Now scientist say that Mozart music “affected the activity of certain genes and the production of several proteins responsible for memory and attention.” (Lemind). This is a more common finding and is still being tested. The fact that scientist can see what actually happens in the brain when someone (in this case a rat) is remarkable because now people can know the true cause and effects of listening to Mozart music and not question it so …show more content…
They say things like that a 10-15 minute exposure to Mozart music can enhance a person’s spatial reasoning, but it is only short-term. That to them is a bad thing because it is only short term. “Only prolonged active engagement in music such as learning to play a musical instrument - has been associated with long-term effects on general intelligence”. (Harre). This may be true, but any kind of enhancement with learning is better than none. People are trying to improve how they learn and do things all the time. Learning how to do things better takes time and why not start with listening to Mozart Music, when it has scientific support that is does positively affect a person’s spatial

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