Essay on The Impact Of Immigration On American Culture

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The impact of immigration on American culture Abstract: as is known to all, the United States is a great country of immigrants. Immigrants from all over the world, due to various reasons, they came to the United States to settle. They brought cultures all over the world. A variety of cultures in the United States to take root, integration into their own unique culture. American culture has its own unique charm. It will always stand in the forest of the world culture. Key words: immigration, American culture, characteristics The United States is located in North America. When Columbo discovered the new continent, the people living in Canada and the United States Department of North Indians a total of about 20 million people. Now the number of immigrants in the United States is about 61 million. According to the U.S. "newspaper" reported that in the United States, one in 5 Americans is immigrant. The United States is a well deserved country of immigrants. There are a few reasons for immigration. When America was firstly discovered, the people of the world were in a time of intense interest in the outside world. The American continent became mysterious and attractive. This attracted a large number of adventurers and explorers came to the United states. This group of people is the first batch of guests in the United states. The mysterious colors and rich resources lay the foundation for American immigrant society. The May flower is the first large-scale British settlers.…

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