Point-Based Assessment System Essay

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Researching this topic is relevantly important to the field of social service work / social issues because Canada is a country that comprises of mostly immigrants and increased rates of immigrants are coming into Canada through the point-based assessment program. Researching this topic will not only impart knowledge to the social service worker professional, but create more awareness about the issues that immigrants might be experiencing, as well as the ability to better support them integrate into Canadian society.
This paper will assess the point-based assessment system used to bring in immigrant-skilled workers into Canada and how significantly impact their status and integration in Canada. It also assesses the racial discrimination they experience in the work force by the employers. The purpose of this study is to explore the impact of the point-based assessment has on immigrants-skilled workers whose credentials and work experiences are attained in foreign countries. As well as their income level and standard of living, including their dependents. Finally, it will assess how well immigrant skilled workers are integrated into the Canadian society.
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However, this population still come to Canada to experience series of barriers by the employers in different organizations, questioning their credentials achieved in foreign countries different from Canada, language barriers, lack of Canadian job experience and not enough education/training (Sakamoto, Chin & Young, n.d., p. 145). This population coming to Canada already has high expectations because of the promises of having a better life, while living in Canada. Consequently, majority experience culture shock, lives in poverty, and may suffer from mental health issues when the expectations are not been met (Over-qualify …, 2011, para.

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