Effects Of Immigration To America

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Immigration to America
The Chesapeake Bay, on the East Coast of the United States, has been an important entryway for immigrants since the days of the British Colonists and remains so today. The ports scattered throughout the Chesapeake Bay make it a powerful and influential hub for trade and industry and has attracted immigrants throughout history.
The first immigrants to travel to America were European colonists. These colonists built villages and towns along the East Coast of the United states with hopes of modernizing a new land. Jamestown was the first English settlement, located on the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia, and become the starting point of immigration all over the country (Jamestown). Proving to have a multitude of resources
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The negative effects on the once peaceful land of the Native Americans, was the colonization and the taking over of native lands and their resources (Jamestown). The fist people who inhabited America were the Native Americans, which were forced out of their homes and slaughtered by the Europeans or newcomers to their land (Werner). This proved to be detrimental to the environment and balance between nature and new technologies. Due to immigration The United States has also gained many things. Immigrants bring with them new methods of innovation and technology, that was foreign to the native people at the time. It also provided and stronger workforce with more effective tools and craftsmanship, learned from the industrial revolution (History). As the number of immigrants increased there was visible change in cultures and people’s beliefs, and the ways they were intertwined (History). In the late 1800s immigration began to take over, and that provided the need for regulation to be set in place, "The first significant federal legislation restricting immigration was the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act, which "banned Chinese from coming to America" (History). This policy didn’t last long due to the excelling innovation happening in the Asian continent, and the need for resources and supplies in America. Thus the Ellis Island- federal immigration station was implemented as a method of organizing and documenting immigrants traveling to America (Peri). This also provided a starting point for the methods of modern immigration processes we have today, with green cards, citizenship tests and other

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