How Does Google Affect Society

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They are many opinions and facts relating to the affect Google has on our society. The article “Is Google Making Us Stupid” by Nicholas Carr explores the negatives and a few positives Google has had on people’s lives. Society today relies heavily on Google and the internet in general. In the article. Carr explores google effects on people’s attention span, the opportunity for learning, people’s communication skills, and vocabulary.
Google can be helpful, but it can severely affect people’s attention span and cognition.
The internet has videos and web pages of summaries of papers. It almost becomes unnecessary for people to need to read the complete article. There are many people reported that they believe their attention span is affected
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Peoples communication skills should be increasing because society cannot function without it. Communication is a way to connect with others. Connecting with others is how people get their jobs, make friends, and find a partner. However, with the growing popularity of the internet and social media it can be harmful. People often give their honest harsh opinions online without thinking of the other people involved. The internet has created a new way for people to be bully. The difference now is they can do it using shorthand and not to their face. People often hide from people, so they do not have to face the reality of what they have done. Instead of communicating face to face people do it online creating many harmful things. It can cause depression, anxiety, and for people to be antisocial. Today employers depending on the job are wanting people who know how to communicate with people. Peoples message can get interpreted the wrong way when not talking face to face. They are people’s nonverbal cues to help people when talking in person but as taken away when we use technology. For example, it is impossible to know someone’s body language and tone of voice when talking online. Someone could send a joke the person they sent it to could take seriously and it could ruin a

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