The Impact Of Employment Relationship On The Workplace Essay

990 Words Nov 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
The employment relationship is changing due to various factors. With the continuing decline of worldwide economy, employees found themselves in a predicament where they must fight for their places in the organizations. There are several means that the employment relationship has been evolving throughout the years. Nowadays, the employment relationship has shifted from humaneness and respect towards focus on cost efficiency. Due to the financial crisis, the first transaction in organizational change is structural, many multinational firms have been downsizing and restructuring. With less manpower, the remaining staffs have to double, sometimes even triple their workload. The work intensification alters the employment relationship. It negatively impacts the psychological contract of employees. Moreover, due to globalisation and recession, the competition has become more severe than ever. Another change worth mentioning is that many full-time workers who have been laid off now become freelance employees. Although these freelance workers have flexible working schedules, their employment rights are significantly violated. Also, with innovations that help people to work from anywhere and anytime. The fine line between work and home becomes thinner and thinner. These changes in employment relationship has negative effects on employees.
The most notable change in employment relationship is through structural change. According to Anjali Chaudhry’s research, “In response to…

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