The Impact Of Cybersecurity On The Field Of Information Technology

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Cybersecurity can be defined as the technologies and processes used to protect data, networks, and computers from attack or damage. Currently, it is one of the fastest growing careers in the field of information technology with a bright outlook in the future. There is a high demand for cybersecurity specialists with hundreds of thousands of jobs all over the country from Washington D.C to Portland, Oregon. With new technology coming out and changing every day, the cybersecurity specialist must keep up with the latest methods to ward off hackers attempting to gain unauthorized access to data. Four technologies that have a huge impact on cybersecurity would be cloud computing, software/tools, active defense measures, and encryption.
Cloud Computing Cloud Computing has been shifting the storage of information and data to remote servers on the internet rather than a local server. It has cut down the cost and need for physical hardware and has focused on a pay per use system through the cloud provider and also has the ability to scale depending on the resources needed by the company. Third-party cloud providers offer increased security of their services opening up more jobs for cybersecurity specialists to secure that data. Since Clouds are held offsite, it practically makes physical attempts to breach into systems for data nonexistent. Security will always be a concern with cloud computing however; it will create a multitude of jobs having to deal with cybersecurity. In…

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