The Immune System Of The Human Body Essay

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Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, Everybody! The immune system is an important and complex part of the human body, guarding it against bacteria and other foreign substances that would make you sick. When you’re born, you’re immune system is pretty susceptible to different diseases because you’re body doesn’t know how to fight them yet. Vaccinations help to strengthen your immune system by introducing weak and harmless versions of a disease to your body. Antibodies then attack the disease and get rid of it. This helps to protect you from the real and potentially harmful disease in the future because your body will recognize and attack it.
Getting vaccinated, however, isn’t just important for your own health and safety; it is important for the wellbeing of everyone else around you. It’s much harder for a disease to spread if everyone’s immune system has built up a defence against it. Herd immunity is helpful to everyone, but it’s especially important to those who can’t get vaccinated. Newborns, cancer patients, and those with naturally weaker immune systems rely on herd immunity to keep themselves healthy and safe. Steven Weinreb, who belongs to this category of individuals and wrote an Op-ed on the subject for the New York Times, likens getting vaccinated to paying taxes. Getting vaccinated is “just another important societal responsibility” (Weinreb)
With the obvious health benefits you’d think that everyone would be making sure to get themselves and their kids…

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