The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV)

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The HIV virus came from near the equatorial West Africa, originating from a native chimpanzee that had been hunted for its meat. Chimps carried what was called Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV)(3). SIV ran through the blood stream of these chimps and as humans came into contact with the blood they became exposed to the original disease. After some time human systems mutated the SIV virus into HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). The virus travels through the body by accompanying the bodily fluids that circulate the systems. The virus will begin attacking the cells that contribute to the immune system, mainly the cells we know as the CD4 cells. (1)
What these cells do is, fight off the diseases that the body is exposed to. When the
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(8) The key to the longevity of the virus is advancements (8); the rapid advancement in the strength of the flu virus makes the virus a lifetime battle for humanity. Variants of flu strains that are not a target of the influenza vaccines have been able to replicate and elude the immunization it creates on it own. Influenza A has been marked with a high level of genetic diversity, which allows the strains of the virus to spread the virus. …show more content…
These viruses grow themselves to become immune to the treatments the scientists have created to prevent them from occurring again. In using the drugs that at humanity’s disposal the viruses have very little that can actually fight them off or control them while they inhabit the bodies of humans, both viruses develop a part of that drug that counters on itself. This gives the viruses the ability to continue to find a host. HIV is a lifetime infection, once a human body contains it; the virus is there to stay. (1) The Influenza virus is an infection that lives within your body for a time period of a season but doesn’t necessarily leave for good. Both viruses are inevitably existent in the human population as long as there still is a population to infect.
HIV has no cure but can be contained within its host to allow a long life with virus still inhabiting the body without causing too much pain and symptoms.(10) The Flu virus has a true vaccine each year to help the immune system fight off the infections that it brings. Though in reaction, both viruses can build a type of self immune system that fights back to the drugs that are being used to contain the infections of the viruses. Soon there will be no drugs that can wholly control either

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