The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins Essay

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Keep Your Freedom Most people assume, since they live in the United States, that they are free, and have the freedom to do as they please as long as what they are doing abides by federal and/or state law. But how free are we, really? If you look deep enough, Suzanne Collins illustrates how restricted our freedom in the United States are. Throughout the novel, The Hunger Games, Collins is telling her readers that the government will destroy most means of personal freedom of the citizens. In Panem, the country in which the story takes place, there is a lack of privacy, a push for social conformity, and finally, there is a very militarized and powerful police force. All three of these topics can be recognized in our modern day society, in some form or another, as potential efforts to strip freedom from U.S. citizens. Throughout the Games, the tributes are constantly being shot by cameras, and tracked by locating devices that are monitored by the “Gamemakers”, the ones who make the games. Before the Games begin, the tributes have tracking devices inserted beneath their skin. Collins uses Katniss Everdeen to tell of her experience when she is receiving her tracking device. Katniss explains, “feeling the sharp stab of pain as the needle inserts the metal tracking device deep under the skin of my forearm. Now the Gamemakers will be able to trace my whereabouts in the arena” (Collins 144). From this explanation, a reader can conclude that the Gamemakers want to keep tabs on the…

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