Essay on The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins

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Many themes throughout the novel The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins can be associated with Katniss 's father. However, the theme Mr. Everdeen most closely embodies is survival, and Katniss 's memories of her father drive this theme forward throughout the novel. This man taught Katniss everything she knows regarding survival by analyzing problems, solving them, and then acting on those ideas. His cleverness, craftiness, and eventual death, all shaped Katniss 's life as she learned by his example. Her challenge is to survive utilizing that her father 's wisdom in the games and in everyday life.

Katniss 's father was one of the smartest people in her life, and practically taught her everything she knows about survival. For example, in the quote, "But there 's also food if you know how to find it," it shows that her father knew how to find food to stay alive effectively, and Katniss took his words and methods to heart (Pg. 5). Also, this indicates he helped Katniss learn how to hunt and gather. With this knowledge that her father had taught her, Katniss puts it to use in trying to keep her family alive after he dies, advancing the theme of survival to her everyday life. The quote: "I also sold at the back doors of the wealthier clients in town, trying to remember what my father told me and learning a few new tricks is well," shows how much her father taught her (Pg. 52). She learned how to barter and get items that her family needed, and her father passed on his tips…

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