The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins Essay example

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The past five years I have read many works of literature and written many essays that have a great significants of power to my aberration of education. To espouse on work of literature that has given me a great deal of significants is difficult, but extraordinary. Out of all the books I’ve read there was one in particular that stood out to me in the past five years and it is The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. This book spoke to me as no other book has ever; I 'm the type of person that doesn 't interested in reading novels, but this one called me in. The Hunger Games series is a trilogy that tells a story of 13 communities (called districts) that are battling for food and survival for their districts in a game called the Hunger Games. The Story is based off survival of the fittest, and division of social classes. The major theme of the story is divergency between the rich and the poor; meaning the way they are being treated and how the food is distributed. The first time I picked up the book I questioned if I even wanted to read it, but it pulled me in. The first day reading it I had read about five chapters and knew I wanted to continue. This book inspired me because I am like a minority in the world my family is neither rich nor poor, but we do struggle to meet ends. I felt as if I had made a connection with the characters that felt they had to fight for their freedom and survival. As Katniss (the main character) had to fight for survival I felt like I…

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