Essay on The Human Resources Department

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In today’s ultra-competitive market, companies must remain proficient at all levels of operation to achieve their vision of success for the future. An excellent measure of performance is the efficiency of the Human Resources (HR) department. To remain agile and quick in a global marketplace, a multinational company must manage human resources as cleverly as every other division or department. GKN is a leader, with a strong human resources approach that combines active recruitment, performance monitoring, and effective administration. They serve as an exemplary model for other aerospace companies to compare human resource strategies.
Human assets bring value, technical skill, and customers to organizations, management of these assets is a necessary investment ensuring strong returns (Mello, 2015). The human resources department must focus on how best to invest in its people, in turn benefiting from the ability to meet long-term performance goals. Human resource goals, strategies used, and management of the program are then used to determine appropriate measures performance or expectations of performance levels and the impact on the company’s success (Cania, 2014).
GKN, a British multinational automotive and aerospace company, follows a strategy to “create long term and sustainable shareholder value in the form of steadily growing earnings and dividends through the delivery of growth in sales and profits, and a strong return on invested capital” (GKN, 2016). The company…

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