Swot Analysis: The SWOT Analysis Model

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The SWOT analysis model is a beneficial tool that used to understand all aspects of influences in a project or business organization. The SWOT analysis acts as a basic and highly effective tool that gives an overview of not only the business itself but also the factors that influence the success of a business. SWOT is presented as a matrix consisting of 2 rows of 2 columns and divided into 4 parts. Each part corresponds to Strengths (S), Weaknesses (W), Opportunities (O), and Threats (T).
• FLC has a large land fund with many potential projects in Sam Son, Binh Dinh and Hanoi: From 2013, FLC emerged as a phenomenon in the field of real estate M & A, with the acquisition of large-scale investment projects such as Alaska Garden City, and Lavender Tower and the development of series of large real estate projects across the country with
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• High quality, experience, and creative human resources: Human resources are the key factor in business success or failure. The importance of human resources for FLC lies in the policy of recruiting and training personnel in depth, with a working environment that creates endless possibilities for talented people. Beside the ever-expanding scale of the FLC Group's subsidiaries, capital, and assets, their human resources have been accumulated in both quantity and quality (Report – FLC Group (FLC-HOSE), 2015).
• The ability to mobilize capital from many different channels to implement the project is limited: At present, FLC's main source of capital is from the stock market, revenues from real estate projects in Hanoi and long-term investment capital from banks.
• However, mobilizing capital on the stock market to invest in real estate cannot generate cash flow and profit immediately. Also, profitability from the project comes only after 1-2 years (Report – FLC Group (FLC-HOSE),

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