The Human Resource Management ( Hrm ) Essay

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1. Point out which changes are occurring in the business that affect HRM. The external factors due to change in the company revenue which will increase in the next three years due to the up economy affect, with this happening the company will be extremely busy. The company has a total of ten employees that handles the HR functions, in three years five of them will be retiring, leaving only five that are of diverse ages to handle major changes. As the human resource manager Jennifer has already started thinking of a strategy plan that may help the company cut cost considering: employees could telecommute one to two days per week, make the organization virtual, cut benefits and have contract employees only; no full-time workers. The Human resource management (HRM) handle the process of employment, training, salary, policies and developing strategies that keep the organization flowing. Jennifer need to consider staffing since she will be losing five experienced employees. Staffing involves the entire hiring process from posting a job to negotiating a salary packages. She need to develop a staffing plan, to know how many people she could hire based on revenue expectations. Jennifer need to develop policies that will encourage and motivate all cultures while on the job, recruit candidates that will fill positions once they are vacant and then select those that will fit within the salary expected.
2. What are some considerations the company and HR should be aware of when…

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