The Human Race Values Beauty Essay

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This dove advertisement is an example of targeting and segmentation. It is targeting a specific type of woman and speaks to a specific age group. No one wants to age, because so often it is associated with the loss of beauty. The human race values beauty highly, which is a universal concept. Women specifically are pressured to be or stay beautiful and the pursuit of beauty doesn’t end at a specific age. This advertisement and the campaign Dove began launched a world wide effort to advertise “real” beauty in an industry where realistic isn’t what’s advertised. The unattainable images of perfection that are touched up, tinted, and promoted world-wide giving women and men a false sense of what beauty is.
The consumption community for this advertisement was women seeking beauty tips. This advertisement specifically was in a magazine. This advertisement’s demographic is women aging out of their prime. According to an article on girls begin feeling anxiety about their appearances starting quite early. 72% of 1200 participants aged 10 to 17 according a 2011 study revealed that they have felt pressure to be beautiful.
The words in the advertisement are: “This is not an advert for an anti-age cream. This is a “pro-age” advert, a new skincare range from Dove. Beauty has no age limit.” The woman in the advertisement is naked, which makes a statement in itself.
From the marketer’s perspective this bold statement is attention grabbing, and could be empowering…

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