The Hr And The Performance Of Automobile Companies Essay

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The HR and the Performance of Automobile Companies

A thesis statement can substantiate this research proposal. Ideally, the statement guides a researcher on what is expected to be researched in order to fill the gap left by other researchers. With that in mind, this paper accentuates on various discussion questions of which turns out to be the attention getters of this proposal (Punch, 2000 p. 18).
Moreover, the research topic of this proposal considers the Human Resource department. Ideally, the aim is to find out if the segment surely has an influence in the performance of most companies, a case study of the Germany Industry companies particularly in the manufacture of AUDI, MBW, and the Volkswagen. Essentially, from this research topic, a number of research objectives can be drawn:
a. To find out the influence of HR to performance of the Automobile companies in Germany
b. To investigate the extent in which the HR department contributes to manufacturing industries, our case study, and Automobile industry in Germany
In that reform, the research question becomes; do the HR department in the Automobile industry have a dramatic influence to the performance of their companies as the one producing AUDI, MBW, and the Volkswagen cars? The research is worth to investigate as it has many merits. As a matter of fact, it helps in improving performance in companies by discovering weak areas to be improved. Secondly, it ensures that every department is a factor in promoting work…

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