The Hospitality Industry: Failte Ireland

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Section 1: Overview of industry and business description

1.1 Industry analysis
The hospitality industry is a very broad industry that applies to any company that focuses on customer satisfaction and leisurely needs. The most defining aspect of this industry is that it focuses mainly on the customer satisfaction as it is entirely dependent on the customer having the best experience possible to guarantee repeat custom. This industry is also highly reliable on disposable income and leisure time. According to the ‘’Tourism Employment Survey 2010’’ carried out by Failte Ireland, there are 178,000 employed in the industry, which, according to them, ‘’accounts for one-in-ten jobs across the economy’’. In their findings they found that pubs and
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The industrial revolution in the 19th century allowed pieshops to expand and establish themselves, serving cheap and nutritional meals to the workforces. By 1890 there were over 50 pie shops and by the end of the century over 100 pieshops existed’’ (Abstract taken from the website of Goddards of Greenwich pie and mash shop). My intention would be to open one of these shops in Waterford. Currently there are no pie and mash shops in Waterford, and, the only other pie and mash shop is in Dublin, a 2 hour drive from Waterford. I think there could be a nice niche in the Waterford market for a Pie and Mash shop that would offer a meal at a very reasonable price. My intention is to do a wide variety of sweet and savoury pies and also a gluten free range ready-made to be cooked at home or available to eat within the …show more content…
My suppliers for my kitchen and restaurant layout will be for the initial set-up of my business.
My food suppliers will be
Fish - Dunmore East Fishermans Co-op society
Veg - Ballybeg Greens
Fruit - Killowen Orchard
Meat - Elm Tree Farm
Eggs - Early Bird Free Range eggs
2.8. Quality Control Procedures
I will be using local Artizan producers as well as local producers of meat, fish, dairy, eggs, fruit and veg as recommened by West Waterford festival of foods. I will personally be overseeing all the ordering and delivery of stock with a HACCP system in place to ensure the best quality control.
2.9. Operations process
Day tot day operations will be managed by myself and a trainee member of staff.
Physical plant will be used by both myself and my employee. These will include a convex oven, a large mixer, fridges and freezers and food display units and will all be used daily.
The ingredients used will be will be delivered daily/weekly as needed to minimise storage.

The Menu
• Traditional minced beef pie €6.75
• Steak and kidney pie €7.55
• Steak and Dungarvan stout pie €7.55
• Chicken and mushroom pie €6.05
• Chilli minced beef pie €6.80
• Cheese and onion pie

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