The Home Depot Of Canada Essay

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The Home Depot of Canada is one of Canada’s largest home improvement retailers with over 27,000 employees (MarketLine Company Profile, 2016) and recorded revenues of over 66 billion dollars in 2010 (MarketLine Industry, 2013). The Home Depot is a titan of industry in the retail market and continues to grow today. HD Canada offers many lines of products and services to meet the budget and the needs of customers all across Canada. HD Canada is also a large presence in the communities that the stores are located. With The Home Depot Canada Foundation’s initiatives, The Home Depot is working to fight youth homelessness with their Orange Door Project. Over 3 years, The Home Depot has pledged to donate $10 million (Canada Helps, 2016) along with customer donations of $2, or more through their website, to be put towards housing support, access to income and education, and the health of homeless youth (Home Depot of Canada Inc., 2016). Environmental Scan
The Home Depot reaches so far across Canada that it is no surprise that they must adapt to the social forces of so many people. HD Canada gears the products they sell to a wide audience, with a range in price and performance HD Canada effectively sells to brand loyal and new buyers. To better understand HD Canada and their approach to the ever-shifting market, the services they provide can give a good indication of how they choose to operate. Installation services provide insight into who the market towards. Elderly…

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