The Holiness Of Christ Summary

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Chapter four –the holiness of Christ
Bridges urge us to comprehend the righteous of Christ. We need to be grounded in Christ and imitate his life as an example of holiness. When we understand the righteousness of Christ we can dwell on it when the evil one comes to attack us. Holiness does not cling to a list of do’s and don’ts, but is firm mostly on don’ts. Christ’s holiness was not just the absence of actual sin, but a perfect conformity to the will of His Father. Jesus made it known He was about his Father’s will. (Bridges, 2006, p. 47) The Pursuit of holiness is directing us to take on the mindset of Christ because we are no longer slaves to sin. Paul said we died from sin. God delivered us from sin through his union with Christ death. God has made provision for us to live a holy life and that consists of us taking on a personal responsibility to acknowledge the call. (Bridges, 2006, p. 57) Bridges offers practical applications to help encourage us to stay in the race regardless of the ongoing battle for holiness. Bridges states that diligence and efforts is required.
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Although we will never be perfectly victorious over sin (1 John 1: 8) but that should be our ultimate goal. With the God’s help, and following the truth of His Word, we can overcome sin and become more Christlike. All believers already indwelt the Holy Spirit, but we need to walk in the Spirit, yielding to His control. This means choosing to follow the Holy Spirit's assistance in our lives rather than following the flesh. Obedience to God is how the filing of the Spirit is maintained. As we walk in obedience to God commands the Spirit will minister to our thoughts and actions. (Hebrews 4: 12) tells us that the Word of God is living and powerful, able to penetrate to our hearts to root out and overcome the deepest sins of heart and

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