The History Of Ruby Bridges, The Famous African American Activist?

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Have you ever heard of Ruby Bridges, the famous African American activist? She was known for being the first African American to be integrated into an all Caucasian elementary school in Louisiana during the 1960s. Do you believe it’s fair for sabotage someone educational opportunities? Her education opportunities were sabotaged because she was black. She fought hard for her educational rights and sued the Board of education. The U.S. Supreme Court ruling was in her favor by ruling it unconstitutional. After this, African Americans were finally allowed to go to school to better themselves. This changed made education free to all no matter the color of their skin. It allowed a new destination for black lives. Before, black people were not allowed to read or write. Some had to sneak and learn to read and write. The ones that had got caught had been punished because it wasn’t legal for a slave to learn how to read or write. Their educational liberties had been taken away from them. After the case, now it was allowed for slaves to benefit themselves educationally. I would hate to see how what Ruby Bridges would think of our education system now. Today, our American education system is unfortunately broken, and it could use some modifications in the tertiary education field. If I could change on thing to our education system, it would be to make our college education free. Many of us have been told that knowledge is the key to success, but what if you’re not given the key. By…

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