The History Of Receiving A Folded American Flag Essay

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The history of receiving a folded American flag though a small token of gratitude from the United States of America and Congress, helps a grieving family that is going through so much with the loss of a loved one. Traditionally, at every military funeral, the closest loved one of the fallen hero receives a folded American flag that was draped over the casket of the service member on behalf of the United States of America. In 2015, we have seen many deaths in first responders and though there are usually funerals and memorials held for many first responders, Washington found a way to show their gratitude to their service. With the rise of violence here in America, many first responders have been sent to many dangerous situations where riots and other disturbances are happening. Day in and day out, the one thing on every family member’s mind of a first responder is that they hope that they are coming home safe and sound after each shift. Truly, there are many things that our first responders have done for us that, with this small gesture there really is no way to repay the debt that we owe them or their families for saving the lives that they do on a regular basis. Starting out in the Senate Floor Senator Roy Blunt a Republican senator from Missouri proposed the Fallen Heroes Flag Act of 2016 under the tag of S.2755. The bill is summarized on as, “This bill allows the Representative or Senator of an immediate family member of a deceased firefighter, law…

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