The Hero Of Homer 's Odyssey Essay

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Epic heroes are portrayed as some of the greatest men in history, rivaling all that came before them. Some epic heroes are even practically god-like. What is the key to all their larger than life accomplishments? What are the traits that make normal people successful? With consideration of historical evidence, successful men do indeed share a lot of the same characteristics. Nearly all successful men in history have been at least one of the following: smart, strong, brave, or lucky. Now what is it that makes epic heroes so successful? Is it that they are smart, maybe, but attempting to identify the source of their success by looking every epic hero as one group will never go far. It 's best to look at just one and observe the traits characterized in them and then compare that to the other epic heroes and see if they have some of these traits in common. Odysseus is the hero of Homer 's Odyssey and is one of the most famous epic heroes to ever have his story told. We are faced with the question of whether Odysseus is smart, strong, brave or lucky.

In Homer 's Odyssey, Odysseus demonstrates his superior intellect on more than one occasion. He frequently manipulates other to do his bidding without them even noticing it, not something that someone of lame intellect would be capable of. Odysseus also serves as one of the Greek army 's most respected strategists and is an extremely cold and calculating individual. Odysseus is the kind of man that rarely does something…

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