The Health Information Technology ( Hit ) Essays

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Identify The How Health Information Technology (HIT) Can Be Used To Engage Patient, Improve Patient Outcomes, Provide Better Patient Care, And Lowering Cost.
Patient engagement has become a critical pillar in the healthcare sector today. There is much emphasis on patient engagement, and healthcare providers are making all efforts to ensure that patients get engaged in their healthcare process. The healthcare providers have seen the need of putting the patients at the center of the healthcare process. The health information technology has provided various platforms that have made it easy to engage the patients in their healthcare process. These technologies have enabled the patients and the healthcare providers to interact and handle health issues together. This part explains how HIT can be used to improve patient’s engagement.
At first, health information technology has led to the development of telehealth. Telehealth is one of the most useful tools that enable the physicians and the patients to communicate. Telehealth is a very broad term, and it refers to some technologies used for various functions in the healthcare system (Blaxter, 2010). With the help of the telehealth, it is very easy for doctors to monitor patient chronic conditions. The same has made it easy to manage diseases since patient progress is monitored closely (Braunstein, 2015). Telehealth can replace the old models of disease management where the patient has to visit healthcare facilities to seek…

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