The Health Care System Of A Single Payer System Essay

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Every citizen deserves the right to receive high-quality health care at an affordable rate. Unfortunately, that is not the issue. From the health care debates, we recognize that a multitude of complicated and challenging problems involved. Each country 's health care system created base on the needs and demands of their country. Nonetheless, no one health care system alike, as they each share similarities and differences in many ways. Over the years, the health care systems has evolved to provide health care coverage, improve health care cost, manage care, and implement regulations. The United State is distinctive from other counties, due to the unavailability of a single payer system that provides universal health coverage to all of its citizens. Although the U.S. seems like an outcast for not having a single payer system, other nations still have restricted access to services or citizens has some contributions to out-of-pocket expenses, in a single payer system the government provides all the medical expenses excluding the coinsurance and copays (True Cost, 2009). Despite changes were made to the health care system, every country still strives to improve their weaknesses. All the statute, health promotion, accessible, regulation, and education always improve health care quality and connect directly with public health and the health care system.
Health Care Systems Many countries have a health care system in place. Canada, France, Germany and United States are examples of…

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