Essay on The Health Benefits Model Contains

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The health benefits model contains several elements to it in order to make it as effective as possible. Its main goal is to find out why people don’t adopt all the healthy lifestyle options that are available. All the elements to the model are based on a high or low scale. The idea of perceived susceptibility is the chances the individuals puts on them getting the condition. Along with this the individuals will attempt to measure the level of severity of the condition. These are sometimes labeled as perceived threat as well. Perceived threat just being a combination of perceived susceptibility and perceived severity. Also in the model is the concept of perceived pros of action. Here the individual will think about the effectiveness of the actions he or she could be taking in order to reduce the likelihood of a diagnosis. Along with this the individual will attempt to list the perceived cons. The perceived cons are the reasons for why the individual will stop themselves from changing their behavior. Lastly, you have the likelihood of action, which can be calculated by subtracting the perceived cons from the perceived pros of action. The shortcoming of the model though is that it leaves out self-efficacy. This refers to the individuals own belief in themselves to take corrective action. The health factor that I will be discussing in terms of the health belief model is my poor eating habits. I tend to eat a lot of sugar and not much of anything else. I know that not eating…

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