Soda Ban Essay

Yes to soda ban
Do people really care about their health? Or do they care about the satisfaction they receive from drinking a big substance of sugary drinks? Obesity has been a problem for many years, but in the recent years it has become a bigger problem than it ever has been. The first suggestion of lowering obesity rate is the banning of large soda cups. Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York, introduced the banning of soda cups larger than 16oz. In recent discussion of banning sodas cups larger than 16oz, a way of lowering obesity rate, an arguable issue has been whether it will be efficient in lowering the obesity rate or not. On one hand, some argue that it would be the first step to decreasing the obesity rate altogether. On the other
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Obesity is one of the reasons why many people have not been able to lead a healthy life. The amount of sugar in a cup may seem little at the time, but in the future it becomes a problem and we start to regret it. People consume more than they wish to, due to the fact that they can get a bigger cup for a little more price. Sugary substances are not described as one of the most concerned reason for weigh gain, but it is taken into consideration. Over weight causes many health problems, such as diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, and many more. People who are worried about their health can start with limiting the consumption of sugary substances such as soda. People who are worried about their health, and wish to make a change, can replace a cup of soda with a cup of juice or water. This will not only limit the amount of sugar consumed, but it will gradually lead to a happier …show more content…
The reason large soda cups should be banned is due to the fact that it is a very sugary drink, which is one reason for obesity. A 32oz cup of soda has about 104 grams of sugar, as mention by Casey Neistat in “Casey Neistat soda ban.” “Casey Neistat Soda Ban” is a video made by Neistat himself, which explains the amount of sugar, a certain size of cup has, and how many places are not affected by the soda ban. The large number of soda consumed may bring satisfaction for a short period of time, but in the long run, it leaves people suffering with health problems, such as diabetes, and

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