Essay on The Health Behavior Of Healthy Eating

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The health behavior I want to change the most is how I eat. Healthy eating is not just important for my diet, but it is also important for my personal well-being. Eating healthy can improve my physical fitness, it would allow me to feel better about myself, and it would allow me to retain my energy. I want to change this behavior because I don 't eat healthy at all. I eat fast food and a lot greasily and fried foods. Because of my eating habits, I have gained so much weight I use to be 175lb now I weigh 210. I feel tired most of the day then I end up sleeping the rest of it, and I lack the energy to do anything that involves moving around for a long period of time. I want that feeling of feeling good about myself physically and if I don 't change the way I eat now I will never succeed. There is a history of high blood pressure and high cholesterol in my family and being overweight has made me at greater risk of these health issues. Usually if I hang out with my friends, or do something with my girlfriend food is always involved somehow. To me it like who can get the biggest plate of food and finish it first. I usually finish my plate before anybody else but once I 'm finish I feel so awful feeling like I 'm getting ready to explode. I think that if instead of going to eating so much we could do something that involves everybody to move around and be active. So we don 't have to go out each time to eat and eating unhealthy.
One of the major problems that has been…

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