The Haven Free Clinic Near Yale 's Sprawling Campus Volunteering My Services As A Nutrition Counselor

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One Saturday morning, I sat in a compact examination room of the Haven Free Clinic nearby Yale’s sprawling campus volunteering my services as a nutrition counselor. Jorge, my patient, was in his early fifties and a new immigrant from Latin America. Like many of my patients, he suffered from hypertension and weight issues His taciturn disposition belied the flux and uncertainty that many of my patients faced as new immigrants from Latin America. As a first generation American born to Ghanaian parents, I probed on how my experiences could help me make sense of Jorge’s life. I noticed that Jorge had a Pumas keychain from the Mexican soccer league. Upon asking him how the team was doing, his face lit up as he told me their stats and his soccer games with friends. I was excited to have some common ground to craft a therapeutic relationship with Jorge and the other patients I had the privilege to learn from. There are many narratives going on within a person from the ones lived out to those within the molecules of the body.
The human body is the original story, one that 's always changing with each interaction with the visible world outside us and the invisible world within. One of my main goals as a medical student is to learn how the human body communicates within itself and the world while maintaining the narratives told through our senses, our emotions, our thoughts, and our actions. At Haven, I could help Jorge by sharing my interpretation of what my body was trying to…

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