The Harmful Effects Of Stress And Its Causes

Stress Countless exhausted and overworked people especially those who suffer from headaches and pain usually blame it on diseases and illnesses; what they do not realize is that the discomfort and troubles they feel are due to their stressful lifestyle. Anyone can experience stress symptoms on a daily basis without truly knowing that it is being produced by stress. Americans are working long unstable hours in critically demanding jobs this causes more people to suffer from stress. Stress can contribute to several of today’s most common illnesses. It is important for the people suffering from stress and its effects to acknowledge those symptoms and act into managing them.
Stress can have dreadful and harmful effects on the body especially the
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When under stress a person may become miserable and may be irate all the time. This may lead to severe depression, and a feeling of helplessness and weakness overcomes the body. Therefore, a person is less-friendly and might tend to isolate him or herself from others. People who are constantly under stress have a higher risk of becoming addicted to alcohol, tobacco or even illicit drugs. Since they may not find any way to feel better, they end up hopeless and lonely. They often tend to smoke and drink to sooth themselves, without thinking it is a problem. Before to long, they cannot go one day without doing it, it become an unhealthy daily habit; an addiction. It is important that stress individuals avoid alcohol and drug use, as is it an unnatural way to handle stress. Many activities that a person used to enjoy either with family or as a personal hobby become less pleasurable. As a result, individuals suffering from stress do not have the best quality of life. Other symtoms include food binging ort under eating; poor eating habits. Social withdrawel, and a feeling of solitude. That us why learning about the effects of stress, helps dentify them and seeking help comes

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