The Harlem Children 's Zone ( Hcz ) Essay

1441 Words May 25th, 2016 6 Pages
Every person in the world have his own thinking and ego, so their criteria and definition of achievement gap is different from each other. The achievement gap is the indicator that evaluate each people’s life. Lots of things can be the criteria for the achievement such as income level, nice car and etc. However, satisfaction about their own job is the most important criteria to see one’s achievement. The Harlem Children’s Zone(HCZ) is the non-profit organization that wants to close the achievement gap, so they are providing more chances to children in Harlem to reduce the continuous poverty in Central Harlem in New York. The HCZ is succeeding with a useful model for closing the achievement gap because children get chances to learn what they want and accomplish their goals by getting better opportunities and environment than other schools. HCZ provides advanced and developed education to the children by collaborated teachers, well-being curriculum, building personal relationships and leadership. HCZ is providing really good education to close the achievement gap in the most of area, but there are some problems that they need to work more. First, HCZ has teachers who collaborate with each other. Most less-developed schools’ teachers do not collaborate each other and they just concentrate on what they teach. However, teachers in HCZ collaborate between themselves by observing other classes or exchanging the information what they have got. According to Karin Chenoweth in “Piece…

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