Having Hiv/Aids Hardship

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The Hardship of Having HIV/AIDS
Diseases and mental illnesses are constantly evolving in the United States. Many diseases that were not curable or that were hard to maintain can now be cured. Scientists are always looking for a new cure or more information about a disease. Years ago people would die from disease like smallpox or the bubonic plague but they are now almost unheard of. One disease that really evolved over time was HIV/AIDS. People used to think that only certain individuals are more common carriers of HIV/AIDS. It is referred to as the gay men disease (Conley 440). People would also be terrified of a person who had HIV/AIDS because it could kill them. Doctors also did not know how it was transmitted at first, but today HIV/AIDS
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This causes them to be tired and have a lack of energy (Lederal, Gay, Aouizerat, Portillo, Lee). These symptoms could interfere with their daily activities and self care. There fatigue does not go away with a good rest of sleep. It is a constant battle of exhaustion for them. Some researchers found that people who have a lower CD4 and T-cell count are at a higher increase for fatigue (Lederal, Gay, Aouizerat, Portillo, Lee). Because these people have chronic fatigue, they could have disturbed sleeping patterns and that could lead to an increase in depression and anxiety (Lederal, Gay, Aouizerat, Portillo, Lee). Having depression and anxiety could cause a person …show more content…
People develop depression for many different reasons, whether is be because of age, illness, feeling unwanted, or loss of a loved one. People who have HIV/AIDS are likely to develop depression or anxiety because of their illness. No one wants to be diagnosed with a deadly disease. Even though the disease in manageable now, there is still a stigma behind the disease itself. Some people do not want anything to do with a person who has HIV/AIDS because they are afraid that they are going to catch the disease. When people develop depression, they are likely to feel sad and hopeless, they have low self esteem and often blame themselves for a lot (Surakarn, Saenubol, Charupheng). These symptoms could last for long periods of time. When a person has depression for a long period of time, they could develop anxiety (Surakarn, Saenubol, Charupheng). This could cause more problems for an individual because they might have difficulty sleeping, be more agitated, and be distracted and forgetful (Surakarn, Saenubol,

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