Ailment Vs Mental Health

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Many mental disorders like Autism, Depression, and Bipolar are still fairly new issues today. Yes, these disorders have been around for decades in some form or another, but many people just assumed that they were just a cry for attention. Though if you think about it, anyone that has been struck by any sort of health issue do cry out for help. So what is the difference between a physical ailment and a mental disorder? Hardly anything, you still need to be diagnosed by a professional physician and you will still need treatment. The fact of the matter is there are many people out there who believe that there is no such thing as mental disorders, just weak people. Which is so far from the truth, not only because there is statistical studies to …show more content…
With this in mind many people look past a person’s life choices, but what their virtues are. They look past what society believes a person should be and attempts to teach them, integrity. I know this personally with the fact that my parents taught me as well as helped me with my autism. There are times when someone with a mental disorder sees no positive outcome for their situation, with someone with strong virtues to guide them, hope can be easily instilled in their sad life. I have struggle with many forms of mental illness, being misdiagnose so many times in my life made it so much more difficult to attempt to follow a specific ethnical path. Though when I finally was diagnosed with Asperger’s, it made it easier to finally start to heal because someone finally heard me. The main problem with mental illness is nothing complicated because many people have the same exact problem, no took them seriously. Many people merely stated, “It’s all in your head.” Or “People have it worse off than you.” There are many other sayings, but the underlying tone is, no one cares about your …show more content…
It may not be what is good for society, but it is the right thing to do and I rather be a virtuous person, then an apathetic one. Those with mental illnesses always are showing some sign of their ailment and our society is not blind, we can see when someone is in trouble. It is time that we stop ignoring those in need. For life is already hard enough, but when you factor in a disadvantage, whether it is mental or physical ailment, it just makes life harder. People need to have a little more empathy towards our fellow human beings instead of just rolling their eyes towards those in

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