The Use Of Force By William Carlos Williams Essay

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“I could have torn the child apart in my own fury and enjoyed it.”(Williams 2). this is the authority doctors used in the 1800’s. In “The Use of Force”, by William Carlos Williams identifies the manner in which society looks at doctors in the 1800’s which compares and contrasts to how modern society sees the medical profession. Doctor’s back in the 1800’s will use drugs as the medicine. Some of the doctors did not even go to college or anything they will just practice with a regular doctor for a while. People would even get diseases because hospitals in the big cities were dirty. In other places the doctors had to go to there patient home because there was no hospital. The doctor in the story seem very nice, he seem like he just got there and was ready to start seeing what was happening. Even though the little girl was not helping at all and was being rude the doctor did not use a lot of force. The doctor was being really patient with the little girl while she was not helping at all. He seemed very nervous for the little girl he didn’t want for her to have diphtheria and die. When the doctor got home and the mother of the little girl opened the door she stare at the doctor up and down like saying “is this the doctor”. She didn’t seem worried about the doctor, or what he could do to her she was just scared and worried about her daughter. The father
Carranza 2 seem really confident about the doctor being there he knew the doctor was going to help. The father did…

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