The Happiest Day Of My Life Essay

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The happiest day of my life as an adult was when I got in UoPeople because it represented a new step forward for I want to do with my life, which is getting a degree in Business. And also the day I got accepted at the school that I am currently attending. Living in a foreigner country represents a everyday fight for make yourself comfortable in a place that is not yours. Where you are not fully accepted, and where you have to make your own place if you want to continue living there. After working for many hours a day (12 hours to be exactly) for many years, when something good happen to you even though it will make a little change to your life, it 's a great feeling.

One of my low points about living here which was making my life difficult, it was not being able to speak the language fluently and express myself as I would like to. But this year I got the opportunity to study full time Japanese in a very famous school thanks to a scholarship.

I feel like little by little everything is changing in a good way for me. I know that I have to be persistent and work hard to achieve my dreams. Right now, I am studying in a university, and also working on my weaknesses (Japanese).

I want to finish university and find a job in Japan. It might look like a very common dream for everybody but being able to work in what you really like it 's a completely different feeling and that makes you see the world with different eyes.

What I need to do now is focus in my studies and do…

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