Essay on The Gym And Start Warming

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Bremen Wants A Victory

Today is the day. The day everyone has been waiting for. The day when all of the blood, sweat, and tears finally pay off. Today is the basketball championship. All of the cheerleaders will arrive at school decked out in their Bremen blue attire. Bows in their hair, cheer bags on their shoulders, and spirit in their hearts. They are ready to cheer their team to a win. On the other end of the campus, the basketball players enter the locker room. Some exchange a few words of encouragement, but most have their game faces on. They drop off their gym bags, and head to homeroom, counting down the hours until the big game. The school day passes slower than molasses. Shouts of excitement emerge from the classrooms when the final bell rings at three o’ five. The cheerleaders rush to their coach’s room to begin preparing for the game. The players scurry to the gym and start warming up. Both teams are ready to become champions. The basketball players and cheerleaders board the bus, selecting a seat beside their best friend. The bus pulls out of the school parking lot, while all of its passengers reminisce through the season. The games they won, the games they lost, and the memories they made. Each of the players develops a strategy that they believe can earn them the championship. Meanwhile, the cheer captains peruse through their cheer lists, singling out the perfect cheers to call. The Bremen Blue Devils enter the Temple Tigers’ gym. The…

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